„… a master of body language! "(The Vienna Courier)

Stefan Verra…

…was born in 1973 in Austria into a family of artists, which should already give us an inkling that he probably developed his eye for detail and his outstanding powers of observation in the cradle. In his talks and stage shows, he entertains and amazes tens of thousands of audience members every year, from Europe to the United States to China. Doctors and scientists alike endorse his holistic method – he always analyses body language signals together, in context, rather than breaking everything down into individual oversimplified elements. He is a lecturer at leading Universities as well as a successful author and respected TV personality.

There are…

…chatterboxes, who talk and talk and talk without ever really saying anything. There are self-proclaimed philosophers, who can say a lot in just a few words – or at least, that’s what they think. There are chameleons, who sometimes talk a lot and sometimes keep quiet, but never seem to say what they really think. And then there’s the body, the human body, that says nothing at all out loud, but has its own language and never stops telling the truth. Stefan Verra can decode the language our bodies speak and give us useful insights into ourselves and others without ever making himself the drill sergeant. Humor is a useful tool to help understanding and reinforce lessons learned. But he never sacrifices scientific evidence for the sake of a cheap gag.



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