„Stefan Verra did an AMAZING job teaching about body language!!“ (Olta. A., New York)

A job interview or a presentation at work; a discussion at the family dinner table or first impressions when you meet someone new for the first time. Who doesn’t want to make a good impression? And it’s your body language that makes the difference – it’s what broadcasts the message that you are self-confident, fascinating, warm. If you learn to read the signals that other people are sending you, you can discover what they really want and need. Because body language is the most honest language of all. Spend a full day getting better acquainted with the most important topics in body language, learn concrete tips to ensure you send the signals you want to send and take part in real-life exercises to practice what you’ve learned and make the right impression in your work and private life.
(Contents are completely different from the live show).

Find out:

• Which signals can decide a conversation.
• Which parts of your body you should make sure are visible when you’re making a first impression.
• How to use your own body language to send signals that you are confident, warm and open.
• How to use your eyebrows to make a lasting impression.
• How to use gesture tools to reinforce the message you’re communicating in words.
• How to recognize social standing by looking at foot position.