„Amazing how Verra analyzes the body language of people … lightning fast and is therefore correct.“ (Dewezet)

Guest Lectures

Stefan regularly gives lectures at universities and other educational institutions.

Research Projects

Stefan works with experts in the field to research the role of body language in different areas of everyday life.

Medical Adherence

Stefan speaks at many international medical conferences.

Social Projects

Body language affects everyone – from businesspeople and leaders to people with autism, cancer patients and our future: children. They should all have the chance to benefit and improve their skills.

University of Heilbronn, University of Mainz, University of Basel, Munich Film School , Klinikum rechts der Isar Hospital, Munich, TU Vienna, HP Institute Potsdam, BiTS Iserlohn, Hamburg Medical University, LK Salzburg Hospital, Center for Pedagogy, Salzburg FH University, Sir Karl Popper School for the Gifted,…

Dr. Adam Ahmed, Attorney – Body Language in the Courtroom 
Stefan accompanies one of Germany’s leading attorneys at work. He observes and interprets the body language of judges, defendants, plaintiffs, expert witnesses and public defenders to investigate the influence of non-verbal communication on our legal system.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Tiebel, Dean of Heilbronn University – Is Persuasive Power Innate or Learned?
In this Project, Stefan is working together with Professor Tiebel, Ulrike Tiebel and the students of Heilbronn University to investigate the role played by body language in people’s ability to convince others of their own point of view. Dogs also play a role in this research.

Dr. Klaus Schuller, MD – Synkenisien and the Importance of Interpreting Body Language Signals Individually or in a Group 
Stefan and Dr. Schuller use movement analysis and precise observations of human physiology to combine the disciplines of medicine and body language. Stefan describes some of their results in his book “„Hey, dein Körper spricht!“

MMag. DDDr. MA. MSc. Reinhard Neumeier
Dr. Neumeier keeps a watchful eye on everything Stefan does, and makes sure all the science and data he uses pass a stringent fitness test!

The relationship and trust between a patient and a doctor has a significant effect on the healing process. Studies have shown that in some cases it can be more effective than medication. It also influences how likely a patient is to listen to a doctor’s professional advice, and in this interaction, body language plays a central role. Stefan gives doctors tools they can use to actively build bridges of trust to their patients.

People with autism see the world in a different way. They can see body language signals, but they can’t always interpret them correctly. Stefan helps them to improve their perception and practices important body language signals with them to help them better understand the signals other people are sending them. This helps them to interact better with the people around them and better integrate into their society.

To be able to stop thinking about the cancer, just for a short while … what a gift! The children spend a week focusing on movement, joy and their own future. Body language is the biggest influence on all of this. Stefan helps.

Stefan shares his knowledge with students, teachers and even kids who have already been abandoned by the educational system. It’s an investment in our future.